Department of Food Engineering


The rise in living standards due to the technological advances has increased the importance given to the processing and preserving the food products more efficiently and protecting them until they are delivered to the consumers. The importance and development potential of agriculture and agro-based industries in our country is significant. The value – added gained by processing agricultural and animal products is not sufficient given the fertile soils, favorable climate and as a result of these three varieties of the agricultural products of Turkey.

According to the world standards, food processing systems are efficient and based on technological innovations. However, since the systems being used in Turkey are not sufficient, the industry cannot take the place it deserves worldwide, although, our country has a huge potential for development in this sector. In order to activate this potential with accurate and planned applications, there is an increasing need for employees who has engineering knowledge and skills in food processing methods that should be designed and operated to incorporate all production process from raw materials to consumption by giving consideration to food safety, environmental and social impacts.

According to the statistics, in the following 20 years the demand for qualified employees will be more than the supply due to developments in the agricultural and agro-based industries. These engineers should have basic engineering knowledge to keep up with the 21st century’s technological advances and produce new knowledge. They also should have the professional and personal qualifications appropriate to the food engineering profession and ethics, self confident, be able to work in teams and adopt the principles of lifelong learning. Food Engineering curriculum has been designed to reflect the academic and technological advances in the world. In the last semester, students will be completing their education through applications in the food industry. Thus, they will have a chance to gain experience by transferring their theoretical knowledge to practice.